Specialized and convenient fibromyalgia care

Our experienced clinicians work with you to design a treatment plan for your unique needs.

Our Treatments

Your treatment plan may include the following options, when medically appropriate.

Stanza, a fibrotherapy mobile app

Stanza is a prescription mobile app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to treat the psychological symptoms due to fibromyalgia.

Developed with leading fibromyalgia experts, clinicians, and people living with fibromyalgia, Stanza is tailored to the unique experiences of having fibromyalgia.

Our clinicians will work with you to decide if Stanza is right for you.

How Stanza works

Lessons to explore and practice new ways to manage your symptoms

Mindfulness activities that help you respond to stress

Journaling activities that help you identify and act on what matters to you the most

Customizable reminders to help you integrate these skills into your life

Stanza is developed and distributed by Swing Therapeutics, Inc.

Learn more about Stanza

Prescription medication management for fibromyalgia symptoms

Our clinicians will work with you to decide if prescription medications are right for you. You'll meet with your Swing Care clinician as often as needed.

Tailored treatment

Work with our expert clinicians to decide which prescription medications are best for you.

Convenient pickup

Get your medication from the pharmacy of your choice.

Ongoing care

Meet with your Swing Care clinician regularly to check in and adjust your treatment as needed.

Swing Care clinicians do not prescribe opioids.

FAQs - Treatments

Do I need a doctor’s referral to sign up?

You do not need a doctor to refer you to Swing Care. You do need to have a primary care provider to become a Swing Care patient.

How soon and how often can I see my Swing Care clinician?

You may use our online platform to schedule both the initial consultation and routine follow-up appointments at times that are convenient for you and your Swing Care clinician. The frequency of routine follow-up appointments will be recommended by the Swing Care clinicians.

Does treatment require any in-person visits?

Swing Care does not offer in-person visits. Swing Care clinicians may recommend that a patient get lab work done or seek input from a non-Swing Care specialist, prior to or during the course of their treatment.

How long can I use Swing Care’s services?

The mission of Swing Care is to provide ongoing management for patients with fibromyalgia. You may continue your care with Swing Care for as long as you need our services, as determined by you and your Swing Care clinician.

What medications do you offer?

Every patient has different needs. Your Swing Care clinicians will work with you to determine which medications are best for you.

How It Works

See if Swing Care is right for you

Answer a few questions to see if Swing Care is right for you. After qualifying, schedule your first telemedicine appointment with a licensed Swing Care clinician.

Get your tailored treatment plan

Swing Care clinicians work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Meet with your care team

You and your Swing Care clinician meet regularly to adjust your treatment as needed and explore ways to manage your fibromyalgia symptoms.

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